Q. What is the Required Attendance?

A. Workshop participants must attend the entire training to receive their certificate. In other words you must attend all 4 days to receive your certificate of attendance.   


Q. Are There Any Prerequisites?

NO! Workshop participants do NOT need to have any prior clinical or medical experience to attend this workshop.  And you do NOT need to have given birth to become a birth doula.  We simply ask that you attend ALL 4 DAYS.  We do recommend reading these prior to the workshop:

You must be able to commit to attend all 4 days of the workshop.   

Q. What is Your Refund Policy?

A. Cancellations made at least three weeks prior to the start of the workshop will be granted a full refund, minus a $75 administrative fee and any charges incurred via Stripe/Eventbrite (tax and service fee.) Cancellations made with 21-days of the start of the workshop are not eligible for a refund.  When a last minute cancellation takes place we always offer you to attend our next training.  These transfers are subject to space availability and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.   We will know if space is open in the next workshop 7 days prior to that workshop and we don't hold space in the workshop for people who have missed a previous workshop.  

 In cases of family emergencies and/or sudden SERIOUS illness, attendees may be able to transfer credit to a later workshop date, plus a $50 administrative fee.  

Q. Are Breastfeeding Mothers Welcome?

A. Breastfeeding moms are welcome to bring their BABES-IN-ARMS-ONLY to entire workshop!!  Private space may be provided to moms who prefer to pump.    And we ask that those deciding if bringing their baby is a good decision or not, to also consider the learning style of the other workshop participants.  Please contact Nicole BEFORE signing up for our workshop, if you plan to bring your baby, caregiver, or need pumping accommodations to get pre-approval!!


Q. Can I bring grown children?

A. In general we recommend  that grown children not join the training.  The reason we lean in this direction is that women share and process a wide variety of experiences at doula workshops, sometimes  traumatic past sexual experiences and traumatic birth experiences can be discussed.  It’s our goal that our workshop remains a safe space for all participants and we wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable sharing due to a child’s presence in the room.

 Q. Workshop wait list:

We do often have last minute cancellations to our workshops. Sometimes this happens a week before and sometimes this happens, in rare cases, the day before. In light of this, we do keep an ongoing wait list for every workshop. Please note that we can not guarantee that you will get into the workshop from this list but we'd certainly love to try to accommodate everyone. You can request to be added to our wait list, HOWEVER, please note that there is a requirement of ability to pay the full amount. If you are unable to pay the full amount because you need a payment plan or a scholarship, please be sure to apply to the upcoming workshop.

Q. Are There Scholarship and Payment Plan options?

A.       Yes, we proudly offer PARTIAL scholarships and payment plans for persons of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to every workshop we conduct.  

Nicole strives to fulfill the vision of DONA International of "A doula for every person who wants one" through our workshop scholarships. We recognize the atrocious birth outcomes for minority communities in America and how strong, stable doula support can help support these birthing people to have better outcomes. We also recognize that not every birthing couple is a heterosexual cisgender pairing (or even if there is a partner.) Our scholarships aim to create a more diverse doula community that can then serve a growing diverse family population.  Workshop scholarships are PARTIAL and offered based on financial need to doulas of color and LGBTQ+ community members AND a demonstrated commitment to community service focused on our priorities listed below.  Please read below our description of priority.  If you do not fall in to that description we encourage you to consider a payment plan option.  I also had to utilize a payment plan when I attended my first DONA International Birth Doula workshop 15 years ago!!! So I'm so happy to pay that forward and make the workshop do-able to anyone who wants to attend. 

Request a scholarship application from contacting us via our contact page. We will consider your application and then respond with a partial scholarships (or payment plan options for those who do not meet our guidelines for the scholarship.)  

Priority is given to staff, families, and volunteers associated with the Family Health and Birth Center, and Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care, Inc., Doulas of Color and members of the LGBTQ+ community who have a RECORD OF INVOLVEMENT with their community and intentions to support minority birthing people in their home community.  You will be asked to fill out a very brief online application and to provide two letters of recommendation from people that can speak to your involvement with racial and social justice. Nicole will discuss with you what you are able to afford and develop a plan that works for you.

****** Please note that because we offer a limited number of scholarships, we always make sure that a payment plan option is available to everyone. Please email us via our contact page to inquire about making a payment plan deposit. 

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to email us.

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