"It's been three weeks since your workshop and I'm still floating on the good vibes. Words have escaped me. I just can't seem to formulate the right way to express my gratitude for your generosity, passion, and knowledge. You created and held a supportive environment for us to be open, vulnerable, and heart centered. Most importantly, at least for me, I left feeling both knowledgeable and ready to change the world." Gloria



I became a Labor and Delivery Nurse after spending 8 years working as a full-time doula.  I supported women at home, in birth centers, and at hospitals.  Now as a L&D RN I support women birthing in a tub, on the toilet, standing in the shower, on a hospital bed, or in our OR.  These workshops have been created out of what I've learned through attending hundreds of births as a birth doula and a labor and delivery nurse so that I can teach hands-on, practical skills to future doulas!   

What I've learned (and what I teach) is that birth can not be reduced to simply a healthy baby and a healthy mom.  Thus we take a multi-dimensional approach and combine the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth. Furthermore, birth is a Human Rights Issue!! Early in my birth career I worked for IMBCI and feel committed to bang on the drum that we all MUST collectively work on offering compassionate and competent care to ALL BIRTHING PEOPLE!!!! 

The reality in America is that birth IS AFFECTED by race, class, religion, and sexual orientations.  Until we knock those barriers to care down, the responsibility falls on all of our shoulders to highlight birth as a human right and reproductive justice issue.  Gone are the days of only a 'mommy' and 'daddy' welcoming every baby earth side!  And thank goodness for the end of that paradigm!  To that end, I proudly stand by DONA International's vision of 'a doula for every birthing person who needs one' and offer scholarships to doulas of color and any other marginalized group by our patriarchal health care system.  Additionally we have started offering a community doula program



Nicole has learned that all women who come to doula trainings have all come via remarkable and diverse life journeys that have created in resilient, powerful and intuitive women.  We welcome people from diverse backgrounds to come and share their wisdom with the group.  We follow the  methodology of popular education thereby creating space for workshop participants to discover.  This method empowers participants to share their knowledge and experience, while learning from and sharing with one another. Workshops are hands-on, experiential, engaging, and  filled with  moments of laughter and tears as people share their stories.

My 4-day workshop format includes everything you need to get started as a DONA International birth doula.  

  • Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas class,

  • DONA International Birth Doula, and

  • the afternoon of the 4th day is the Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding for Doulas class taught by our resident badass - Tina.

You will be well on your way towards DONA International Birth Doula Certification at the end of this 40 hour interactive and intensive training. Check HERE for a full listing of DONA International requirements.  Now is the time to become part of this extraordinary experience and become a birth doula.  Women around the world appreciate and value a doula's unique skill set.  

Birth Doula Training

The Birth Doula Training workshops will cover:

  • Role of the Doula

  • Prenatal contact

  • What to pack in your Birth Bag

  • Emotional, physical, and informational support of women and families in the prenatal period, at birth, and in the early postpartum period

  • How to effectively involve other support people

  • Comfort measures

  • Common interventions and medications

  • The Power of Language

  • Supporting women with epidurals

  • Breastfeeding initiation

  • How to become a certified doula with DONA International

  • Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics

  • Inter-professional Relationships

  • How to build a doula business

  • Pathways to Midwifery or Nursing

  • Self Care for Doulas

  • Supporting women from different cultural backgrounds

  • AND More!!!!!!!!!

This is a DONA approved birth doula workshop. This is one step towards becoming a certified doula. Check HERE for a full listing of requirements. 


 Introduction to Childbirth Education for Doulas

The childbirth education material is infused in to our Birth Doula Training workshop.   This is why our Doula workshop is 4 days long and this is why our doulas leave feeling  knowledgeable about the birthing process, not just with how to support an expectant family.  You also will meet the DONA Birth Doula certification requirements for childbirth education needed for DONA International certification.  

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy,

  • Common discomforts of pregnancy, specifically the 3rd trimester, and helpful advice for dealing with them,

  • Phases and stages of labor,

  • Emotional changes during labor,

  • Medications,

  • Common interventions

  • Tips for how to facilitate decisions in challenging childbirth situations

  • Cesarean birth

  • Neonate behavior and anatomy

  • Hormonal and Physiological changes of the new mother in the first 6 weeks postpartum

  • ...all topics covered in this childbirth class will be discussed through the lens of a doula

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding for Doulas

This interactive half-day training will introduce: breastfeeding basics and barriers, anatomy and physiology of the breast and baby, breastfeeding in the early days and weeks, and common challenges.  The class will be taught by Tina, an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), who works as an angel at The Community of Hope Birth Center. This class will meet the DONA Birth Doula certification requirement for breastfeeding education and takes place on the afternoon of the 4th day of the workshop.

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