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Hi!!!! - You’ve clicked on this page because

A. you came here through my DC Death Cafe Facebook page or you’ve attended one of my Death Cafes at Potter’s House Cafe,
B. you came here through a ‘curiosity-click’ while exploring my birth doula workshops,

C. you attended one of my Death Meditations.

Either way I hope you feel you’ve found the right place!

I live and work in Washington DC.  Some days I work as a Hospice Nurse and some days I work as a Labor and Delivery nurse at George Washington University Hospital. Furthermore, some days I teach death or birth doula workshops.

What exactly am I doing?

I’m not sure, but in general I’m just piecing together things I find interesting and exploring the threads. While working ‘at the bedside’ as a hospice nurse is incredibly important to me and very gratifying, I’ve come to learn that what’s also very intriguing to me is sitting within groups of people from different backgrounds and talking about each of our relationships to death - since we all have one.